General Developer of the City and its People.



Since Seibu Nihon Enterprise's founding in 1969, we have focused on our connection with the people using the theme "harmony between people and nature". With this in mind we have strived to be a trustworthy and dependable business partner, that is not bound by short-term trends. We are sincerely grateful for all the support we have had, enabling us to run and grow for so long.
Although we face a difficult economic climate with the business environment constantly changing, we see many opportunities.Under these circumstances, we have held “small but global” as our corporate philosophy and aim to become a small but world standard company with a global perspective.
We will continue our solid management style while raising the next generation.We hope to be a valuable asset as a developer by enhancing every field of business.
“small but global” – Seibu Nihon Enterprise will continue to challenge in new fields.

Seibu Nihon Enterprise Co, Ltd.
President and Representative Director.
Yuichiro Teshima



We offer a number of real estate properties that will meet the customer’s requests and also offering properties owned by us. Our specialist staff will handle your requests promptly and with consideration.


We assist in equipping infrastructure through our original know-how in the leasing business. We contribute to society in various fields such as by leasing aircraft and shipping vessels.


We offer insurance products that meet the needs of the individual’s specific lifestyle. We will offer reliable support anytime to ensure a secure and comfortable life for our customers.


small but global

We are developing a business with an eye on the world market, while contributing to the development of local communities.

Since its foundation in 1969, we have been supported and grown by the locals. We will continue to be a company that can contribute to the society as a general developer based on real estate and leasing businesses. Also, we aspire to become globally focused individuals and corporation, aware of our responsibilities as a global corporate citizen.

General Information

Name of Company Seibu Nihon Enterprise Co, Ltd.
Headquarters Green bldg. No.7, 2F, 2-12-10, Hakata-ekimae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, 812-0011, Japan
TEL 092-411-6727 
FAX 092-473-1812
Founding December 18th, 1969
Representative President and Representative Director 
Yuichiro Teshima
Capital 90 million yen


Address Green bldg. No.7, 2F, 2-12-10, Hakata-ekimae,
Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, 812-0011, Japan
TEL 092-411-6727
FAX 092-473-1812